Homemax Building Supplies Customer Testimonials

Alex Saved $7000 on Her Kitchen Cabinets And Granite Countertops!
How Much Will You Save?

“I Feel Lucky We Found Homemax”

I was blown away by the cost of kitchen cabinets at Rona®, Home Depot® and IKEA®.
Luckily my husband found Homemax Building Supplies in his search for new kitchen cabinets.

We went to their warehouse where we could walk around freely and look at the display units.
We were not hounded by any salespeople. Their tile selection is really good to.

We simply gave them our measurements and they created the drawing and quote right away
for the cabinet style we liked best.

I loved the simplicity of dealing with Homemax and the savings of $7,000 when compared to
Home Depot
®, Rona® and IKEA® quotes we got.

We ended up under $6000 for the cabinets installed, compared to the Revy quote of $15,000 for only the cabinets!
They also made custom matching panels for our new fridge which looks fantastic.

Because of the savings in our budget we unexpectedly ended up purchasing beautiful granite countertops
which were marginally more than the laminate countertop quotes we got elsewhere.

The installation job was only one day and really good.

Their installation guy had to make a few adjustments and cut down the cabinet above the hood fan due to
our fan/microwave we purchased being larger than expected. The following week we got our granite countertops
and have been happy ever since.  It’s been over seven months now.

Oh, there was one imperfect door we didn’t like and they replaced it with no hassle.

In the end it was way less money, lots of choices and I found them easy to deal with.

I have already recommended Homemax to our neighbors because our new kitchen looks great and
it’s a wonderful feeling knowing you got amazing value for your money.

Alex Sweeney~ North Vancouver

“Mark Got Way More Kitchen For The Money”

Kitchen Cabinets Testimonial

Another Satisfied Customer

After shopping around and meeting with five different Vancouver kitchen cabinet suppliers including Ikea we chose to go with Homemax Building Supplies for a few reasons.

First when we went to the showroom and it was clear we were dealing direct because we were in their warehouse!

Their prices were amazingly good too. Their kitchen cabinets were not the cheap crap we saw at a few other suppliers and they had a great range of quality options to choose from including the hardware.

(side note) Whoever you choose pay a few extra bucks for soft close hinges they are wonderful.

They drew up a virtual kitchen layout on computer and I got a firm quote with installation.
They use their own installation crew and did a great job even with our wonkey floor!

They did call us to re-schedule our original installation date which they said they might,
based on their installers schedules, but gave us plenty of warning and it was only a few days later.

Our kitchen was installed professionally.

Based on the quality of their products, my experience with them and the fact
we got way more kitchen than we hoped for with our budget
I’d say they are well worth checking out.

Bottom line my wife is very happy with our (her…) new kitchen and I’m happy
we bought a quality kitchen at wholesale prices which kept us on budget!

Mark Benda ~ North Vancouver